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It was a usual Friday afternoon. The homework had been put into bags, the children were sitting peacefully on the carpet, we were listening to each other regale favourite parts of favourite books.

Without warning, a loud banging caused our heart beats to quicken. Mrs Boswell was rapping her knuckles urgently against our classroom door, a look of panic on her face. We rushed to the door and became quite quiet as she, with nervous voice, told us what she had found.


A fire had been started in forest school. No adult knew where the flames had come from, but a large, sinister looking footprint gave her a clue.

Immediately, the whole year gourp started across the sun-drenched field towards the suspicious fire. Screams echoed across the yard as one by one, we noticed the large, three-toed footprints leading towards the fire. We searched the area diligently. What could have started such a blaze? What creature could have been the owner of such large feet? Just as we were about to give up hope of finding the answers to our questions, a discovery was made.

Two eggs! Nestled inconspicuously in hay, covered by a sheet inside the old, wooden boat, were two enormous eggs!

These eggs were like none we had seen before. We called a Year 2 meeting around the two strange objects. What should we do with them? What had laid them? Surely no bird could have laid such monstrous things?

We decided that whatever creature had laid them, what was inside was sure to be a baby. A baby that would need taking care of. We brought the eggs into the classrooms and decided to care for them until they are hatched. The children of Year 2 will read quiet stories to the eggs every morning, and we anxiously await the day that they hatch…

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  1. Anonymous

    Such a wonderful idea! Oliver was so excited when he came out of school. He couldn’t wait to tell me all about it.

    Well done all!

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