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Welcome to our Home Learning Site. 

Here you will find work packs for each year group with daily learning activities. 


All work packs are designed to be viewed electronically. They are not printer friendly as they are very large documents! We would encourage children to complete their work on paper for you to discuss together. Where possible, teachers will include answer pages to help with checking your child's work.


Please note, we are not expecting any of the work to be returned to school. The work packs are intended to provide some structure around learning at home and help to develop some routines. We continue to remain dedicated to the children’s well being throughout this difficult time. We ask you to do what is right for you and your child. Do as much, or as little of the work packs that are provided to suit you. 


We know how hard it is to be stuck at home, many of you trying to work, as well as keep learning on the boil and boredom at bay!  If you are finding your day too crowded, or getting into routines too difficult, we do not want to add to what are already stressful situations.  If you are struggling to complete the learning tasks, have a look at our top tips, but please do not turn home learning into a battle ground.  


Additionally, if your child is finding the learning tasks too difficult, please look at the 'building blocks' section of this site, which will give some ideas about breaking tasks down, and supporting their learning further.  


School is running on a skeleton staff, but teachers are available to offer support if needed. If you have any queries or difficulties, please email the school office with your concern, and your class teacher or another member of staff will get back to you as soon as possible.  


Home Learning Top Tips

  • Ensure that you follow best practice for online safety - know what your child is accessing and who they are communicating with. (For more guidance see the links below)
  • Establish a routine for Monday to Friday, that includes the usual refreshment breaks and a good balance of physical activity and sitting down to work.
  • Allow your child some say in the order that work is completed, but once decided, it must be stuck to - don't allow negotiation throughout the day.
  • If there is one subject that your child finds harder than another, do that one first, while they are fresh, and get it out of the way.
  • Do everything you can to remain positive and praise effort more than achievement.
  • Some children may need the timetable visually - it can help to tick things off when they are done.
  • Work towards a reward (TV time, game time etc) that can be reduced if time is wasted or there is not enough effort being put in.
  • If possible have an allocated area for working away from distractions.
  • Do not have TV or radio on during work time - music (preferably without words) is OK, but talk and lyrics can be very distracting.
  • Ensure that you are all getting quality sleep - no screens before bedtime.
  • Keep a water bottle to hand so that your child can stay hydrated without lots of 'I need a drink' distraction.


The Wyre Forest Schools Sports Partnership are running a competition, offering 3 schools in the area to win money to spend on sports equipment each month. The activities are attached below.

As we're all now spending a lot more time at home than we might like, staying as physically active as possible is more important than ever.

We are supporting the #StayInWorkOut campaign by providing fun and creative ideas on how to get active at home through a series of weekly challenges, as well as signposting you to some of the best content providers out there.

Please share any photos or videos of your young people (adults also welcome!) trying out any of these challenges using #StayInWorkOut via our Facebook Wyre Forest School Sport Partnership All Active Academy CIC or Twitter @WyreForestSSP @all_cic

Please include the name of the school your child attends in the post as the schools with the most social media posts each month will win sports equipment for their school. These will be announced at 5pm on the last day of every month. This month this will be on Sunday 31st May!

#StayInWorkOut Active Herefordshire and Worcestershire. 

Sports Partnership Challenges