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Talking to children

Resources for talking about the current situation

The Children’s Commissioner has published a useful document about talking to children about coronavirus, which also includes ideas for things to do at home.  You can download it from this section of our website.


Worcestershire Speech and Language Team website has lots of really useful resources to help manage, discuss and support children’s thoughts and feelings at this difficult time.


The British Red Cross has a Kindness campaign to encourage children to focus on acts of Kindness during these difficult times.  Download their Kindness Calendar and Supporting Activities from our website, or visit their website for more ideas.


For children with Autism or those who are struggling to understand the situation there is a social story below about the school closure, home learning and contacts with teachers.  Reading it daily to and with your child will help them to process the situation and deal with the the things that are different and may be making them anxious. Use the PDF version or personalise the story by modifying the word version.

The following websites also have information for parents and children about supporting mental health and wellbeing: