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Key Worker Provision


Schools are asked to make provision for the children of Key Workers to support the coronavirus response.  We have done this since school closed at the end of March and continue to do so.  Following guidance about how schools need to operate fixed ‘family groups’ for all children, we can no longer accept children of key workers without prior booking of a place.


If you have registered with us as a key worker and have been notified of an allocated place....

You will have received notifcation from school that your child is in a numbered Key Worker Family.  Please see the Newsletter below for all of the information that you need about your child's return to school.  You can choose to send your child every day, or just the days that you are working.


If you are already registered with us as a key worker, but do not have a place allocated....

If your child is not currently allocated to a 'family group' (you will have been notified of this) and you know that you will need provision for your child, you will need to notify us so that we can let you know when that provision will be made available.  


If you are not already registered with us as a key worker....

Please check the government's key worker definition (below), to ensure that you are eligible.  You will need to contact school, telling us your role and providing contact details for your employer.  When we have verified your key worker status, we will let you know when provision for your child will be made available.


Further information about the provision for key worker children is below.