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Late/Absence Procedures

The first school bell rings at 8.45am and children are able to enter school from this time. Teachers will be present to supervise children and start the registration process. The school day begins at 8.55am. Anyone arriving after 8.55am will need to enter school via the front office and will be recorded as late in the register.


It is essential that all children arrive at school on time, to ensure that all lessons get started promptly. Children arriving late for school disrupt lessons which impacts on their own and others’ learning – PLEASE make sure your child is here on time, for the benefit of all children.


If you are arriving later than 9.00am please phone the office and leave a message on the absence line by calling 01562 823614.


If your child is going to be absent from school please leave a message on the absence line before 8.30am. We ask all parents to report pupil absences on the first day of non-attendance, and a follow up letter explaining the absence is also requested. These letters are important for our legal records. We thank you in advance for your cooperation with this.