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Building Blocks - Maths

These pages detail some key skills and knowledge that form building blocks in maths learning.  If your child is struggling with elements of the maths work set, back track through these skills and practise any that they get stuck on. 

This is not the entire curriculum and not an exhaustive list.  It focuses on the number and calculation elements of maths.  Start at the beginning and work through the statements to see where your child’s gaps are.

For any of these elements, a quick google search will throw up many ideas for how to explain and practise them.   Here are some starting points:

For ideas about how to explain concepts and practice them


Great for practising maths facts such as number bonds doubles, halves, and times tables



Top tips

  • Start with smaller numbers and build up slowly – it is important to build understanding
  • Make sure that concepts are really secure before moving on.  It is fine to come back to something again and again
  • Use practical objects and activities wherever you can and practice the skills through everyday activities
  • Do little and often rather than labouring for a long time on one thing
  • Practice things that your child can do to build their confidence
  • Always stay positive, praise effort more than achievement
  • If your child is not grasping or retaining something,
  • take a step back
  • break it down further
  • try to find other ways to draw or represent the concept
  • for things that have to be ‘learned by heart’ look at the Precision Teach guidance in this section of the website