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Wider Opening R, Y1 and Y6



On Sunday 10th May, in a broadcast to the nation the Prime minister announced the reopening of schools to Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children from 1st June 2020.


Safety – the methodologies for keeping your children as safe as possible on return to school:

  • Children and adults who are displaying any symptoms of coronavirus will not be allowed in school and will be sent home for the required period of self-isolation if any symptoms are noted. Children and staff WILL NOT be allowed to return until the specified number of days of required self-isolation have expired. The school will be very rigid about this.

  • The education secretary has announced that all school staff and school pupils can be tested for Covid-19 if they develop symptoms, when they return to school . We will inform you of these details once they have been fully published.

  • There will be additional cleaning of the school in the middle of the day, this will include toilets and learning spaces, all handles and doors.

  • Children will be taught in groups of 15, at the most, with a limited number of adults, this will be their ‘school family’ and they will not be exposed to a wider group of people than this.

  • Children will not be participating in any large group activities i.e. assembly, lunchtime in the lunch hall. All activities will be in their ‘school family’ base.

  • Handwashing regimes will be supervised and regular. Handwashing before eating food, in addition to the start of the day and after being at play, will all be part of the school’s regime.

  • Playtimes will be on a rota and ‘school family’ groups will not mix at playtime.

  • Pupils will not be sharing any equipment, each child will have their own desk, and their own equipment.

  • Children will not be gathering in close contact in cloakrooms, all coats and bags will be kept by the child in the classroom.

  • Entry to and exit from the school site will be via a one-way system. 

  • There will be a flexible start, with children entering school immediately – no waiting for the school bell!

  • The day will have different end times, to ease the crowding as people exit the site.

  • Classrooms will be very well ventilated, we are lucky that our wonderful building has classrooms with windows on two sides of the room, so that ventilation is excellent. These windows will need to be open all of the time, so please make sure your child has a cardigan or a sweatshirt with them each day.