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For information and support around Special Educational Needs, see 'SEN' and 'Building Blocks' pages. 


Well being Resources

We know that there are many aspects of the current situation that are contributing to stress and anxiety for both children and parents.  This page has some useful tips, documents and links to help you find a way through this for you and your family.

Don’t forget that we are still here to support and signpost you.  Do call if you need us!


The NHS has published a useful information site:


Tips for parents and carers from the British Psychological Society:

  • Stress and anxiety in such an unusual and unpredictable situation is normal.
  • Children can sometimes believe that they are responsible for events that are beyond their control – reassure them that it is the adults’ job to keep them safe.
  • Friendships are key to maintaining resilience for children, so help them to maintain these relationships through phone calls, online communication, and writing letters.
  • Having a routine and structure helps children to feel secure in uncertain times.
  • Restrict access to rolling news coverage.
  • Play is fundamental to the wellbeing and development of children of all ages, and a great way to reduce stress in adults.
  • Don’t feel that you need to recreate the whole school day at home.  Balance school work and relaxation time to keep the household as calm as possible.

More in-depth advice for both adults and children can be found at the Anna Freud and MindEd websites.

The government has also published guidance on this subject