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Headteacher - Amanda Cope

Welcome to St Catherine's CE Primary School


St. Catherine’s is a very special school, and it’s a great privilege to be the headteacher.  We nurture and value all aspects of child development. We promote and achieve high academic standards, setting high expectations and encouraging aspiration in our pupils, whilst also helping children develop their social and emotional skills; embedding this essential learning in all we do. We are a Heartsmart’ school!


If an enterprise is to be successful, very good relationships are critical. Our school community functions exceptionally well, because we invest in establishing positive relationships with and between all stakeholders. Ofsted commented positively about these outstanding relationships.  Our staff team like working here and staff turnover is low. The school is held in high regard by the parents of our pupils. Likewise, our staff team appreciate the support which parents give to their children and the school as a whole.


At the heart of our school are the pupils and our staff work very hard to ensure that our children receive the very best start to their education. We have a highly proficient team, who coach and develop each other in the skilled craft of teaching.  Specialist teachers also support class teachers, to deliver the very best in learning and teaching.


The school’s leadership team are proactive in inviting a high level of challenge and scrutiny, from a variety of sources, which ensures that we never become complacent.  We are outward looking and seek advice and support from others, while offering our own examples of ‘best practice’ to other schools too.


We are not a school where children are grouped with any limits set on what’s expected of them. We believe that all children can achieve well and our teaching approaches allow all children to flourish and prove their own capabilities.  Our curriculum is designed to be rich and relevant, developing our children’s interest in, and motivation for learning.  As a result, our children have a real desire to learn!  Our extra-curricular provision is wide and varied, providing something to interest every child.


Children at St.Catherine’s are presented with a wide range of opportunities to experience learning outside of the classroom, including Forest School, right from their first year until their last! Whether they enjoy and excel at sports, technology, the arts, or are intrigued by learning to speak another language, there is something for everyone at St. Catherine’s.


We encourage anyone who is thinking of applying for a place at St. Catherine’s to come and see our school in operation; only when you’ve visited will you really get to see what our school has to offer. For children due to start in Reception, we have Open Week where I show small groups of parents around the school.  If these dates don’t work for you, we can always arrange another mutually convenient time.   Please call the school to ask about Open Week.


Thank you for taking the time to look at our website, we hope it starts to give you an idea of what our school is about.