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New Life Band visit to St Catherine's

The New Life Band from Tanzania visited St Catherine’s Primary CE Primary School on Wednesday 25th September. Seven talented musicians, played a mixture of music, and sang songs with universal meaning.


Pupils and staff from the school were treated to a show of songs and dance. Pupils from Year 1 to Year 6 took part in workshops through the day where they experienced Tanzanian drumming, dancing and singing. Children even learn a few words of Swahili!


This was followed by a fundraiser evening performance led by the New Life Band where both children and parents were invited to take part in a celebration.    


Though attending primary school is common in Tanzania, there are far fewer options for students to continue their education at the secondary and sixth form level. The New Life School, located in Kisongo, Tanzania aims to rectify this problem. Many students are part of the Massai people, an ethnic group in Northern Tanzania and Kenya. The school prioritises enrolling female students and currently has 110 students, 65 of whom are girls.


Just over £700 was raised by the families of St Catherine’s to support the building of a new sixth form centre for girls at the New Life School.